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Port of Spain

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Slaves were imported from Africa to Trinidad to farm the plantations.  After emancipation, the estate owners denied the Africans permission to acquire land.  As a result, many in search of work migrated to the capital city, Port of Spain, and settled south east of it in the Laventille Hills.  John John, one of the sub-districts of Laventille, is the birthplace of the steelpan.  As history shows, during the economic decline of the 1930's the invention of the steelpan was rapidly adopted by the unemployed youths in their search for activity and cultural identification.  Steelbands formed and panyard practice areas sprang up in many neighborhoods in Port of Spain.  Many of these steelbands have become the giants that, together with at least 140 other steelbands,  vie for the National Steelband Championship at Trinidad's annual Super Bowl of Music, Panorama, during Carnival.


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