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Steel Island

Steel Pan Sticks - Aluminum or wood with wrapped or surgical tubing tips. Weight and tip choice depend on pan's metal, construction, surface, voice, and touch.
Steel Island Caps - For urban dwellers or beach rats. Cool style, fit, fabrics, and colors create a distinct island attitude.
Select CD's - Selected for superior recording sound quality and featuring some of the best steel pan artists and arrangers..

Steel Island Caps

The easiest way to turn urban dwellers to beach rats. Cool style, fit, fabrics and colors create a distinct island attitude. Unconstructed, low profile, 100% cotton with fabric sweatbands.

Custom colors and kid's caps available in minimum orders of 12.

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Lucy, the wonder pooch, modeling a Steel Island Cool Crown Cap

Cool Crown
Adams (New York-Paris-Milan)Upscale Fashion Caps Pigment dyed, garment washed, pre-formed bill, leather strap, antique brass buckle & grommet, "cool crown" mesh lining     $16.00


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PopSticks - Pan Sticks by Popwell
Our wooden PopStick mallets with colored grips are made by Yohan Popwell, a well-known Trinidadian steel pan arranger and artist with 29 years experience. He has performed with and arranged for steelbands in Trinidad, the U.S. and the U.K., and co-founded Trinidad's prize winning Panazz players . He grew up playing with the famous Trinidad All Stars, becoming their stage side repertoire arranger. He learned as a youngster the traditional art of wrapping his own pan sticks to create the best sound. Originally, wooden sticks were wrapped with strips of bicycle tire inner tubing. Today, Popwell selects rubber of specific texture for the quality of sound for each steel pan voice: Lead (Tenor), Double Second, Double Tenor, Guitar, and Cello. Each stick is expertly wrapped to the exact thickness necessary to create a mellow sound, with slightly delayed overtones. He adds specific weight and shapped rubber ball tips. Try these steel pan sticks for yourself to experience the authentic Trini difference!

Custom colors available at extra cost
in minimum orders of 12 pairs

LiteSticks - Lighten up the Wrap
Steel Island's color anodized aluminum sticks have surgical tubing tips of the precise thickness best suited to the Lead (Tenor), Double Second, Double Tenor, Guitar and Cello sticks. The Tenor Bass and Bass sticks utilize specific weight and shaped rubber ball tips. Steel Island's steel pans require a light touch with only a slight amount of force to cause their notes to sing, making LiteSticks the ideal stick to play them. Lighter weight sticks also increase speed and agility making LiteSticks the choice of many professionals.

Custom colors available at extra cost
in minimum orders of 12 pairs

ChopSticks - Get Down with Chops
ChopSticks combine Popwell's specific rubber and expertly wrapped tips with the lightness of Steel Island's anodized aluminum sticks on the Lead (Tenor), Double Second, Double Tenor, Guitar, and Cello for sound and feel that can't be beat. The minute you try them you will immediately notice their unique touch . Tenor Bass and Bass aluminum sticks are LiteSticks custom weight and shaped ball tips. Feel great, sound great and perform great with Steel Island ChopSticks!

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Club Trini CD
"We decided to concentrate on instrumentals," Robert Greenidge explains, "because that's in keeping with the steel drum tradition that I grew up with in Trinidad." That rich tradition is evident on the opening cut, "Indian Soca," which also reflects the musical influence of Trinidad's large East Indian population, while "Trini Style" is classic calypso with a steel pan."Hummingbird" was inspired by the beautiful winged creatures that hover in Greenidge's tropical garden. "Durango" takes a bow to the Spanish bolero tradition. "Jupiter 7" bears the other-worldly imprint of the New Age musical movement, and "Brasilia" incorporates the infectious samba tradition that started in South America. Club Trini's exquisite soundscape of varied rhythms, grooves and melodies is graced by one stellar vocal performance, as the positive message of "Love Is made of This" is soulfully conveyed by Nadirah Shakoor. The song was penned by Robert Greenidge along with percussionist Ralph McDonald and songwriters Bill Eaton and Bill Salter, whose Caribbean sensibility dates back to their days in Harry Belafonte's band. Club Trini is apt to appeal to diverse devotees of jazz, Afro-Caribbean sounds, and New Age music -- Danceable and joyous yet sensitive and introspective, let Club Trini transport you to your own personal tropical paradise.

Club Trini - Back In Town CD
Club Trini does it again in their second CD, Back in Town. It mixes Utley's keyboards, Greenidge's incredible steel pan magic, the Mayer brothers guitar work, fantastic rhythms of Ralph MacDonald's percussion, Roger Guth's drums, and Nadirah Shakoor's background vocals into one great CD. It's a smile waiting to happen and causes you to dance, shake your hips, and shut the door on any bad mood that comes knocking. While the songs are festive and playful (you can almost feel the balmy tropical breezes, smell the fragrant air, and taste the rum punch!) the CD is an effective blend of "pure" Caribbean music and jazz, with emphasis on the talent and brilliance of the musicians, jazz being in their backgrounds. Those of you who have some investment in your audio equipment will enjoy the extremely high quality of this recording. Audio equipment shops should use this CD to demo. Robert Greenidge, demonstrates on this CD a technique of playing this instrument, especially for recording, that is second to none. No one can come near to this man in terms of his control and impecable, playing style. Do yourself a favor and buy it!

John Wooten and Kasio
The name of the band is derived from the West African "Kaiso", meaning "Bravo". Kaiso began in 1994 as Magnolia Steel, a student steelband at the University of Southern Mississippi under the direction of Dr. John Wooton. In 1996 the name was changed to Kaiso, and as students graduated and moved on, they were replaced with professional musicians from Hattiesburg, MS. Guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and background vocals were added and repertoire began to include popular beach music by artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Harry Belafonte, and Bob Marley along with their steelband arrangements. This CD has familiar tunes by those three artists with excellent creative party arrangements, guaranteed to make you smile and dance, along with the superb steel pan playing style of John Wooton.

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra
Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - Classical Transcriptions, recorded in Trinidad, and produced by EMI Abby Road, showcases this legendary orchestras's musical playing expertise in classical music, performed by 30 musicians who play their entire repertoire from memory. Referred to as the world's finest steel orchestra, Desperadoes has won the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Competition 10 times, more than any other steel orchestra, and the World Steel Orchestra Classics Festival 3 times (the only times they competed in the event). There many performances include Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Britain's Royal Albert Hall, and the Apollo, and with the New York Pops and London's Royal Philharmonic. Under the leadership of Curtis Edwards and guidance of Trevor"Inch High" Valentine, the orchestra brings to this CD a striking range of styles, delivered with superb panache. Selections: *Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld - Overture * Ponchielli's Dance of the Hours (La Giogonda) * Sibelius's Finlandia * Mascagni's Intermezzio (Cavellaria Rusticana) * Padilla/Garcia/Catelvi - El Relicario * Bizet - Symphony in C 4th MVT- Allegro Vivo * J.S. Bach - Air On the G String No.3 2nd MVT) * Amazing Grace * Joplin - The Entertainer * Handel - "Hallelujah" Chorus (Messiah).

Sounds of Tobago
Sounds of Tobago takes you to the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago through night and day sounds of the tropical rain forest, birds, insects, the sea, and nature along with delightful music that reflects the local flavor of the peaceful paradise. The ocean calls in "First Light At Castara" as the earth turns in the sunrise glow and Tobago awakens with it's early risers. Everything is in motion in the beautiful "Caribbean Awakening". The Cocricos and the rainforest serenade as it starts to rain in "Rain Lullaby". The sun comes while the rainforest breaths green, along the quiet brook, offering a time to dream as parrots fly over. Night falls with a symphony of frogs, stillness, and reflection in "Nightmoves". Music is heard in the distance, inviting a walk with smiles and colors in motion to morning's call, talking trees, critters' chorus, and the wind in the bamboo inviting "Rainforest Rhythms" with ancestral drums. With a smile and a "Spanish Song", take hands and go along the trail to the "Gilpen Chorus in the afternoon. The steel pan laments to the ocean at Store Bay and celebrates life at day's end at "Crown Point Sunset", in the slow motion hues of last light. The original sounds have been preserved by digital recording. Enjoy . . .

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